Cloud Scale Consulting Limited

Who we are

We are an independent Cloud Computing Consultancy, providing up-to-date knowledge, advice, experience and technical assistance with making cloud computing work for your business.  We advise on all facets of Cloud Computing, from high-level strategy decisions to in-depth technical reviews, architecture and implementation.

What we do

We’d love to help you refine your use of Cloud Computing and get the most value from it, among other things we can help with:

  • Cloud adoption strategies – whats right for your business, where do you start and how do you get there?
  • Cloud Migration – advice, technical assistance, best practices and hands-on assistance with a migration to cloud computing?
  • Private, Hybrid or Public Cloud – what is the right solution for your business?
  • Cost Optimization – will moving to the cloud save me money?
  • Growth, Scalability and Future Planning – how to design your infrastructure to deal with varying levels of use?

We are happy to offer hands-on technical resources as required, as well as providing knowledge transfer to help up-skill your team.

Where we do it

We will come to you to meet and discuss your specific requirements, and work remotely or on-site with you depending on the project requirements and the length of time required.

We primarily work with businesses throughout the East of England, with a specific focus on Norfolk, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and London.  We’re also very happy to work with businesses elsewhere in the UK and worldwide on projects large and small.

How we do it

We are an internet and cloud-focused business, and as such we like working with our clients in a collaborative and dynamic way using technologies such as Slack or Mattermost, GitHub, AWS CodeCommit, GitLab or BitBucket, Jira and Google Docs among many others.  We’re sympathetic to business and regulatory requirements, however, and would be very happy to discuss the most appropriate methods of communicating.

The benefits of transferring skills and knowledge to your in-house teams is paramount when engaging on transformation projects.  We therefore like to work closely with or within the teams who will be maintaining your systems into the future.  This equips them with both the ability and experience to support your business into the future.

What next?

Please get in touch to let us know about your challenges, your goals and the projects you are working on.  Talk to us today about where you want to get to and how we can help you get there.

Cloud Scale Consulting Limited, registered in England #9827879

Registered address: The Old Postoffice, 12-13 The Green, North Wootton, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE30 3RD