AWS Best Practice Review

Service Description

We will perform a review of your entire AWS estate, building on the official Amazon AWS Well-Architected framework and bringing our years of experience and subject matter expertise.

The service will consist of a series of questions to assess your current use of AWS against the best practices (which we can assist with at your request) followed by an in-person workshop with your technical and stakeholder staff covering the findings and making recommendations of where improvements can be sought.

Our Approach

We base our approach on the published AWS Best Practices and our extensive experience and knowledge of effective implementations and improvement projects.

There are three ways we can deliver this service:

Half-Day Workshop

This option will involve us spending a half day workshop with you and your team.  The workshop will involve a presentation of the results of the questionnaire and our recommendations.  There will be both technical and business-focused elements to this workshop.

Full-Day Workshop

We will run two sessions in the morning and afternoon during this workshop. In the morning session, we will review your current use with your technical and administrative teams, and work with them to complete the questionnaire.  The afternoon session will consist of a presentation similar to that offered in the Half-Day Workshop above.

This method compresses the entire on-site process into a single day, therefore our review session will be much more free-formed and we will share results with you within 5 working days of the workshop.

Two Half-Day Workshops

This option effectively separates the assisted questionnaire completion session and the results sessions from the Full-Day Workshop.  As a result we can provide a prepared presentation of the results, incorporating our recommendations.

In all of the options above, we are able to work with you to split our sessions into technical and business oriented meetings as required, though our recommendation is that both areas should be considered together.

What we deliver to you

We will come to you and provide one or two workshops, during which we will review in depth your current use of the AWS platform and provide advice and recommendations.

At the end of the half-day results workshops (or within 5 working days of the full-day workshop) we will provide you with a document detailing our findings and recommendations.  Our results document will highlight any areas of risk, call out the quick wins to allow you to quickly start seeing improvements, and highlight the high-value changes that could have significant impact.

We would love to hear from you about your aspirations, please Schedule a Call or Contact Us to arrange your Cloud Readiness Assessment or ask us any questions you might have about the services we can offer.