Backup and Disaster Recovery

Service Description

All companies in modern markets have data on which their business relies.  Backing up your data safely, securely and in a manner compliant with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements is essential.  One of the key strengths of Cloud Computing is the ability to reliably and securely store data with a far greater level of assurance than traditional backup options.

Disaster Recovery and preparing your business to cope in the event of a large scale disaster is equally important.  Cloud Computing can advise on a range of capabilities to allow your business to continue running by providing your staff access to the information and systems they need to keep your business running should, for example, your premises become unusable.

Our service can go beyond providing advice, consultancy and recommendations also.  We would be delighted to help with all aspects of implementing your chosen solutions, from engineering to fully managed service provision.

Our Approach

Every business has unique requirements and goals, and making the wrong choices about how to leverage the cloud to provide your backup solution, and as part of your disaster recovery planning, can be very costly.  The reputation damage and growing regulatory fines can easily cripple a business should things go wrong.


We will work with you to understand a number of things:

  • What data you currently have (personal/hr, accounting/financial, line-of-business, customer/supplier, product/inventory etc).
  • How that data is classified (sensitive personal data, personally identifiable PII data, regulated data, business sensitive data, bulk “big data” etc).
  • The controls, retention periods and processing you apply to each classification of data (e.g. 7 years regulatory retention for financial records, removal of aged PII data in line with privacy policies such as the sooner of a response to data subject request or after a set period).
  • What protections you already have in place – and whether these are felt to be sufficient or lacking in some aspect.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recover planning is as important as data security.  If, by way of example, your staff were unable to make use of your office space for a month as a result of some environmental disaster, would your business survive being unable to deal with existing customer queries or support?

The options available through Cloud Computing need not require duplicating your entire IT setup in the cloud to support this sort of eventuality.  For example: a standby template of the systems that staff would need to access in the case of a disaster could be created.  Bringing this template online only when required means you only need to pay for the resources needed to carry on business in a disaster when it is used.  The cost of synchronising your data to the cloud in this sort of solution makes it very affordable.

At the other end of the gauge there is the option to entirely mirror your running systems across multiple geographic locations in the cloud, allowing your business to continue to operate in the event of even large scale issues affecting country-wide areas (such as civic infrastructure issues disabling an entire countries’ internet connectivity).  The costs of a larger solution such as this are comparatively higher than a minimal solution as described above.  The benefits, however, can make this a valuable investment for some companies.

What we deliver to you

With the information gathered, we will propose our recommended options for an effective, secure and tailored backup solution.  This is recommended in addition to any Disaster Recovery preparations you implement to protect against data corruption, manipulation or destruction.

We will make recommendations of the solutions which provide the technical Disaster Recovery measures you require. These recommendations can include assistance with your strategy development as well as the technical solutions available.  Our recommendations will, where appropriate, include details of the services we can provide to assist with their implementation.

Our services don’t need to end with the output from an initial consultancy.  Everything from providing engineering resource to fully managed service provision is possible, and we will discuss with you when providing our recommendations how we can bring further value to your business.

We would love to hear from you about your aspirations, please Schedule a Call or Contact Us to arrange your Cloud Readiness Assessment or ask us any questions you might have about the services we can offer.