Cloud Readiness Assessment

Service Description

Every organisation is unique and the problems you face are personal to you.  This makes the one-size-fits-all approach a problem for most businesses and organisations considering a migration to Cloud Computing.  For example, your reasons for migrating to the cloud could be from a number of sources such as Regulatory or Industry changes, Ageing hardware and systems,

The Cloud Readiness Assessment service we offer involves us working with you to understand your specific requirements and goals.  As a result we will recommend the best use of Cloud Computing solutions, and highlight any other areas your business might consider changing to support your migration.

Our Approach

When you engage us to perform a Cloud Readiness Assessment we will work with you at your pace, and with the understanding that any change almost always has to happen in parallel with your current workload.  Therefore, we will look to keep the burden on you and your team to a minimum.   Each business or organisation is different but we would expect an assessment to take between 2 and 4 weeks, and consist of the following stages:

Introduction Meeting

We will meet with you for a face to face, video conference or conference call to discuss your aspirations and requirements.  This will include getting an understanding of the appropriate communication methods, the right people to engage with in our discovery and information gathering and agree with you the of the assessment.  We will also look to get a high-level understanding of your business, where you are today and what you’re hoping to get from a Cloud Computing Migration or Adoption.

Readiness Questionnaire

Following our meeting we will provide a brief questionnaire which will allow us to get a baseline view of your current position.  This will help us tailor our meetings with relevant staff and technical information gathering to your specific operations.

Information Gathering

In this phase we will work with relevant staff within your organisation to collect the detailed information we need to make appropriate recommendations.  We will look to cover your organisations culture and methods of working, the systems and software you are using, your in-house services and existing infrastructure.  In addition we will be looking to identify your future requirements, any specific challenges and alignment on your goals.

Follow-up Questions

We will follow up with you by the methods we agreed to get clarification on any points which require further information for us to be able to deliver our recommendations.

Results Presentation

Having collated the output from all of our discovery, and assessed the services available in the market, we will visit you for a face-to-face presentation of our findings and recommendations.

What we deliver to you

Our primary deliverable will be the Results Presentation which will consist of a set of slides, and supporting documentation where necessary, outlining the results of our discovery, our conclusions and a number of recommendations.

This will include the following key parts.

Overall Readiness Assessment

A bench-marked assessment of your organisations maturity with regard to ‘Cloud Computing readiness’ measured against similar businesses or organisations.

Discovery Findings Report

We will provide the key outputs from our discovery and identify key risks, potential issues and opportunities.


Your feedback through the process will be taken along with the services available from the market and our specific capabilities to provide a number of recommendations we feel are most appropriate to your requirements.  We will outline migration plans at a high level and provide indicative budgetary costs and benefits for the options we provide using services from the whole market.

Quick Wins

In addition to the recommendations above, we will identify any opportunities for realising immediate benefits.

We have many years experience across industries working with businesses and organisations in public and private sectors of all sizes migrate their operations to make appropriate use of Cloud Computing.  Private, Hybrid and Public cloud solutions; cost optimization; performance and scalability; security; resilience and more.

We would love to hear from you about your aspirations, please Schedule a Call or Contact Us to arrange your Cloud Readiness Assessment or ask us any questions you might have about the services we can offer.