Contract Cloud Engineering

Service Description

We are able to source and provide the right Cloud Computing Subject Matter Experts to support your team with new projects you are working on or to support increasing the skills in your own team.  We can suggest the most appropriate way to achieve your specific needs through bringing the right contract engineering resources into your business.

Our Approach

We work with a number of associate contractors who have a wealth of experience across many industries and in all areas of cloud solutions including Development, Agile, DevOps and SRE, Security amongst many others.  We will work with you to understand the technical and cultural requirements, source and supply the most appropriate candidates along with a dedicated point of contact who will ensure both you are getting value and the contractors we provide are happy.

As well as providing individual contract engineers, we’d be happy to work with you to understand your requirements across entire projects.  For instance, during the course of a project we understand that requirements can change and evolve.  As a result we will work with you to plan and provide appropriate resources at each stage so that you are achieving the best value.  For example Systems Architect engineer and User Researcher may be the only resources required at the beginning of a Cloud Migration project.  As the cloud platform infrastructure is completed, however, and you start to migrate services, there may be a requirement for further systems and development engineers and the user research role may have been completed.

Further to providing specialist and highly experienced resources, we can recommend appropriate training for your own team.  In addition we can work with you to perform comprehensive skills assessments and gap analysis to identify opportunities to leverage hidden skill sets within your existing teams.

What we offer you

Drawing on our existing network of trusted and proven contractors, and with our years of experience identifying and hiring candidates, we can bring real value to your project.  One of our core goals in any project supporting change is to provide knowledge and skills transfer to your own staff.  We can also work with you to identify training needs and recommend training providers.